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Army: 11 Fort Bliss soldiers ill after ingesting substance

The U.S. Army says eleven soldiers were sickened after ingesting an unauthorized substance during a field training exercise at Fort Bliss in Texas
abcnews.go.com abcnews.go.com

" Eleven soldiers were sickened — including two who were in critical condition — after ingesting an unauthorized substance during a field training exercise at Fort Bliss in Texas, U.S. Army officials said Friday.

All 11 soldiers are being treated at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in the border city of El Paso, where they have been since Thursday afternoon, Fort Bliss said in a statement. Those sickened include one warrant officer, two noncommissioned officers and eight enlisted members, the statement said.

The soldiers “fell ill after consuming a substance acquired outside of authorized food supply distribution channels," according to the statement.

It's unclear what the substance was. "

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Well...  Once worked on a facility where the HVAC coolant back flush valve malfunstioned.  Took almost a month before people realized the "Normal" navy coffee didn't quite taste right and they had the water tested. No one ever drank the water from the system but thats another story. It seems the buildings water system was contaminated from glycol.  After a couple of months of steady checkups for anyone who might have ingested the contaminated water they finally gave the "all clear" and no one had any bad side effects or long term issues.

Moral is you have no way of knowing how they came to drink it and for that matter how much was drunk.   It does however change the taste of everything...

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