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Permitless Carry States and Those Trying Info

Gary Slider

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Getting a lot of questions about Permitless Carry With Montana, Utah and Tennessee having bills to do just that.  Not guaranteed passage but things do look promising. Other states are talking about it but haven’t put in a bill as far as I can tell.  People seeing our listing and asking in an email to conform that it is correct with some even stating that Permitless  Carry in XYZ State is not legal and we are going to get people thrown in jail. Have also seen this question on some firearm forums. So thought I would post some information and places to find info.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South  Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia have “Permitless Carry.” Anyone who can legally possess a firearm may carry concealed in these states without a Permit/License

North Dakota and  Wyoming have “Permitless Carry” for their Residents only.

Some of these states require U.S Citizenship for their Permitless Carry statute to apply and a couple have restrictions on those carrying under Permitless Carry that those with a permit don’t have. You need to check out a state if you are going to carry under Permitless Carry. You can view a listing with a short synopsis of their law for Permitless Carry and a link to that statute at

https://handgunlaw.us/documents/Permitless_Carry_States.pdf   This listing also makes each states name a link to that states page at https://www.handgunlaw.us which will give you more information. The link for Permitless Carry states is also available in the left column at https://www.handgunlaw.us

Link for Montana Bill


Link for Tennessee Bill


Link for Utah Bill


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