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Laugh or cry?

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4 minutes ago, windowasher said:

And to think I have been criticized and called names, even by some on this forum, because I have tens of thousands of rounds of ammo stored in my safes


Told You so!!!

Not by ME!!!   I just wish I had started a bit earlier...but we pretty good.

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As firearm enthusiasts, we use ammo for three things: recreational shooting, competition, and self-defense.

I have stopped all recreational shooting, as a result of the ammo situation. I am cutting back somewhat on GSSF participation, but not entirely, and have enough in stock for another year or two. I have enough self-defense ammo, but that stuff is strictly for SHTF.

I'm betting the supply will come back and the prices will drop... maybe not as soon as we would like (now), but things will level out. And once it does, these guys who are standing in line every morning and spending all of their disposable income on $1/rd ammo will be sitting on a pile of ammo that they will never be able to sell for the same price. 

Supply and demand... 

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Democrats on Tuesday announced plans to re-up their push for new gun control measures, but they face a recently changed landscape of more people than ever, especially black people and women, buying firearms for protection.

What’s more, the promoters of the package to expand FBI background checks are facing demands from liberals to do far more, including banning the sale of semi-automatic firearms and registering ammunition.

In reintroducing the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chairman Mike Thompson, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler are hoping for a quick approval.


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1 hour ago, DWARREN123 said:

Wait for the new ammo taxes to come out. Things will never go back to the way they were!

Hate to agree with ya Mr. Warren, hate to agree with ya.  Just know this man.  The election was stolen, to Kill our republic, and make america more like europe.  Uh huh...

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