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Lost my Cousin to cancer yesterday

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He was 64. Diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 years ago. He was the first, but not the last of our generation to be diagnosed and treated. He had robotic surgery, but the cancer had already escaped from his prostate. He underwent several other treatments since, including hormone treatment and radiation. Those treatments likely prolonged his life. My dad and his 3 brothers all had prostate cancer. 2 died from it. My dad had the radioactive seed implanted when he was in his 70's. He is now 94. Myself and 2 of my 3 brothers have had prostate surgery successfully due to early detection. I am 10 years cancer free. Guys, don't hesitate to be tested. Yearly. If your doctor wants to do a biopsy, go along with it. The finger in the butt is the first test. A better test imo is the psa that detects problems with your prostate. My numbers weren't high, but had jumped up quickly. We did antibiotic treatments to see if I had a prostate infection. Numbers stayed the same. Due to family history, my doctor suggested a needle biopsy. That's how they found it. Luckily I didn't do the 'watchful waiting' game, because my cancer was an aggressive one. 

I'm sad for my cousins family. I'll be o.k. and I'm not looking for sympathy here. If you're inclined to say a prayer, say it for Scott's wife, kids, and siblings. 

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