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On 10/2/2020 at 7:51 AM, Ricordo said:

Here's a photo of another white supremacist:


Need I say more?

It's Dave Chapelle playing Clayton Bigsby, a blind Klansman (who was not aware he was black).  Maybe you could have said a little more.



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12 hours ago, minervadoe said:

The fact that it looked exactly like Clayton Bigsby.  I haven't seen all of the old Chapelle shows, but I've seen one of the Clayton Bigsby skits. 

In reaction to your post, initially I thought that you had to do a search for it. The OP  shows the absurdity of the left-wing media in trying to catalogue the Proud Boys as a white supremacist organization. Of course, led by a "Bigsby clone".

The following I thought perhaps needed an explanation:

14 hours ago, Ricordo said:

Go Warriors!



Yesterday in the afternoon, Senator Sasse of Nebraska referenced the Rays in almost the exact, same previous words of mine, drawing the "ire" of his Texan colleagues, during his turn in the confirmation hearing of soon-to-be Justice Barrett.  A welcome relief from the politicizing of the Dems.

Senator Sasse was the President of Midland University, one of the youngest ever of the college system. "Warriors" is their moniker.

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Tonight we celebrate, Senator. :)
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