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Hey guys, remember a few months back I had to have a beekeeper come to re-home bees from a tree in my yard?

This is the beekeeper that did that for me. She's cute a bug (probably a bee) and sweet as honey. She has entered a contest to allow her to purchase a small forklift to assist moving her hives. If you have a FaceBook account, could you use the link I will provide, watch her video clip and vote for her. You DO NOT need to give your email addy like you do in most contests so you will not be spammed. You just verify your age and use the weird arrow at the bottom of the page to post your vote. She is currently in 2nd place to this could put her over the top. You can vote everyday through the 31st.  I would appreciate your help!!  So, it appears you don't even need FB. Just use the link below.  :)

?    https://storiesthatdefy.com/save-the-bees/?fbclid=IwAR2Q7Cz_GnHzjGNwSyRqc6VG4_GkOY-i5ZMjtd5xd7ETYLwR-ZoWRfeS05c   



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4 minutes ago, holyjohnson said:


pretty Cool of you Zonny..


Wheres my Honey?

Lol. I bought five of her products after I hired her to take my bees. She really is a neat gal. She does education programs for school children too to educated them about bees and their importance. It truly is a love of hers.

BTW: Who knew there was a 'bee forklift"  :dunno:

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"It's the bees and the spiders again, sir. They stole my food stamps and sold 'em to the rats. I went outside for to honk the horn for help, but the spiders had jammed the police lock. I ain't been inside for a week, and I know that my wife is sleeping with the bees!"

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