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Found This Mustard


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A pretty good brand of spicy mustard. 

My favorite mustards are German and here is a quick rundown on the three main styles:

Bavarian sweet mustard - made from coarsely ground and roasted mustard seeds mixed with vinegar and honey, sugar or applesauce as a sweetener. Imported and sometimes found in Canadian and US supermarkets, Händlmaier or Thomy are the best examples of Süßer Senf. Good on chicken, turkey, mild meats, and salads. 

Medium spicy mustard - known in German as Mittlescharfer or Delikatesssenf. This is the most popular style of mustard and Ingelhoffer is an American interpretation of it. Mix it with horseradish and it is called meerrettichsenf, very popular in eastern Germany and Austria. I don't like ketchup with french fries, but I use this as a condiment with them as a healthy alternative to all the sugar in ketchup.

Sharp or Spicy Mustard - German: Scharfer Senf or Extra Scharf. This type is the same as medium-spicy mustard, but with a higher percentage of brown mustard seeds, which are hotter.  My favorite German manufacturer, Düsseldorfer Löwensenf, makes an extra-spicy mustard called extra scharfer senf and it is great with Elk, Venison, Bison, Duck, and wild game. When I want a roast beef sandwich, I use dark breads and this mustard to make a hearty version of a roast beef sandwich that isn't found at Arby's!

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2 hours ago, deputy tom said:

I'd try that if I could find it locally. tom.

I found it in a small farm market grocery store I stop into.  Never have seen it here before, looked good.  Hope you can find some.

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We started making our own mustards years ago.  It's a lot of fun and easy to do.

In case you guys are interested in makings.

We tend to make a lot of things.  Mrs. Historian is sensitive to some soaps so we make our own.  We make my shaving cream as well.

But Ingelhoffer is one of the best i can find in a grocery store.   It's really good stuff.

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