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'Wild' Florida man fatally shot in bizarre home invasion


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Pretty much says it all!

“This has meth written all over it,” Judd said, the paper reported. “At 6:10 this morning, he goes totally wild, totally out of control. Very dangerous and he does a home invasion. … This was a very frightening event today.”

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17 minutes ago, blueiron said:

Tens of millions of Americans go about their days without being shot by terrified homeowners... how ever is this possible?  ?

One less meth-head is an improvement.

I've never done meth.  But i cant see why the hell anyone would want to.

Ill stick to my two glasses of whiskey a week.

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16 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

Florida really should have its own national anthem.

I want to see Florida Man drive up on his lawn mower with a 12 pack bandoleer of Natty Light and a 12 ga. and join The Avengers.

"Ya'll hold on!   I got this one, Capt. 'Merica!"

At that point he starts throwing live gators at the bad guy.

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I love Sheriff Grady. I drove through a good part of Polk County in college. I made it a point not to speed too much or do anything stupid in that county. Years ago, Deputies there dumped 67 bullets into someone who shot a cop. When asked why so many, the good Sheriff stated, "Because that's all the bullets they had."


He has always had the message out loud and clear- DO NOT F AROUND IN POLK COUNTY. WE WILL SHOOT YOU. And he backs the citizens who use justifiable force. 

There's meth just about everywhere these days. It's the white folks' crack. Really fries your brain and skews your ability to make rational decisions. Like this dude did. 


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