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Disney Purging Star Wars, Marvel Woke Agenda


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I don't know that casting strong female/minority/homosexual characters is a "woke agenda" but there was obviously more to it in Marvel and Star Wars.  ESPECIALLY Star Wars.  It's like everyone that wasn't a minority or female was evil in Star Wars.  Marvel not so much.

I think part of the reason people realized what was happening in Marvel is that in Endgame, the Russo brothers made it so damn obvious that there were "woke agenda moments" in the movies.

I am wondering where they are going to go with the Thor franchise.  If they decide to make Natalie Portman the new Thor, I'm not gonna be thrilled.  It appears they are headed that way but it may just be for the one movie.

As to Brie Larson, she just isn't a great actress.

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From another board:

One of the only reasons I'm a member at Reddit is for a SW leak sub. They've got legit folks over there that have real connections in the business and I've seen good leaks from the last three SW films.

Those folks don't really believe these reports - the article TBO linked isn't the first of this type from the same author, and the topic has been discussed at length in the Reddit sub. Based on their track record, I gotta go with the boys at Reddit and - as much as I'd like to see otherwise - take this report with less than a grain of salt.

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4 hours ago, railfancwb said:

Imagine that. Actions have consequences even for Disney. 

That's interesting.  When my daughter was contracting with Disney for their art, they were adamant that their art remain true to the Disney tradition.

Now they found out how important that really is!

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