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Hosed a moose with my bow.

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It's hard to find a legal bull. Antler restrictions. The rack has to be at least 50" wide or have at least 3 brow tines on one side. Or be a spike. Most bulls will have small paddles their first year around here. Also not many make it to 50". Last year in the small area where I hunt there were 26 illegal kills that F&G knew about. Likely there were many more that they didn't know about. The regulations only allowed 4 brow tines on the big guys until last year. When they dropped it to 3 the number of hunters went way up. Guys who hadn't been out targeting bulls for a long time were suddenly in the field. They'd see a nice bull and blast it thinking it was over 50. When they walked up to it, ground shrinkage taught them it was only 40.  Some were left where they dropped. I found some them. Very frustrating. I was able to get a few people busted. 

We saw a big one a few days ago that had 4 brow tines, but couldn't get close. Saw another with 3 and couldn't get on him either. This spike I got was the second spike we saw. I made a stalk on the first one which we saw opening day and I got close but he bolted before I could ventilate him. My son is coming over to pick me up for another go at the 4 brow tiner. He saw him again last night at dusk.

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Today is the last day of archery. We have been seeing a monster bull. Made a stalk on him several times, but not close enough. He hangs with 3 other large bulls. What  a rush trying to get close enough with archery equipment, and have bulls all around you. Spotted him again last night at dusk. Going after him again this morning. Rifle season starts on the 1st.


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