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More on the mid air collision.

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I know a few people who have had such troubles with the FAA medical, due to various reasons, that I consider a bit too stringent. 


Poor eyesight isn't on that list. If you can't see, you probably shouldn't be allowed to drive an airplane.

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9 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

If I can't pass a medical, I have to park the Kenworth. I guess there are no scale houses in the sky.

Yeah, kinda hard to get "pulled over" up there. Sure, the air cops may meet you back on the ground, but if ya crash, it's too late.

Those DOT physicals are STRICT. There's no room for variance. I imagine the FAA one is, as well.

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Invalid AC registrations were involved in a significant percentage of the AC crashes I investigated for my agency. No annuals for the aircraft and no physicals for the pilots were the common denominators. We had a simple unicom airport and a large percentage of retirees who held FAA certs. Many of them parked at and flew from smaller airports to avoid scrutiny. 

I would image that in Alaska, the tendency to consider government flight regulations to be an unwanted impediment to their rights would be among the greatest in the US. 

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