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Fallwell/poolboy affair

Al Czervik

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16 hours ago, Al Czervik said:



I don't have any idea of what is or is not true about this, but I just don't understand watching some dude bang your wife.  Not in a million years.

The story isn't about sex with Falwell's wife, it's about this phrase posted without relevance to the article:

"...and a staunch supporter of President Trump,..."


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I generally don't care what two or more consenting adults do in private. 

I do care when a practicing attorney who claims religious affiliations, pretenses, and is the head of a religious university has become a moral hypocrite. He has lost all moral impetus to advise and lead the university and he should resign without any present or future benefits. Family values... HA!


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if they just wore their Covid Masks I`m sure the Liberals would have been Ok with it..

they seem to be OK with all the times President Clinton was on the Pedophile Plane flown to Little Girl Island owned by that Rich Sex Slaver Guy Hillary Murdered....




"I walked in on my Wife and Best friend in Bed,i Said Bill i Have to But you!??"-Henny Youngman

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