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NBA Player Appears To Call Player ‘B**** A** White Boy.’ Black ESPN Host Unloads On Him.


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If we could just skip the rest of the bullshit and get right to the shooting, I'm bout ready. Pretty much back to normal cardiopulmonary function. I appreciate y'all holding off on the Boogaloo for me.


Problem is, these hoodlums don't want equal opportunity, equal responsibility. They want what millions on millions of Americans aren't willing to give. Dude seems in pretty good shape. Perhaps he should try picking cotton for a bowl of stew instead of making millions to play a game. A game, that has lost almost 50% of its television viewership, mind you.

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31 minutes ago, Wyzz Kydd said:

NBA:  Nothing to see here, this is not the kind of racism we want to talk about.  Move along. 

IMO, one goober calling another goober names isn't any kind of racism at all. And I think we should just move along. Problem is that, as noted, if the races had been reversed there would be hell to pay, and that's a problem.

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1 hour ago, tadbart said:

 A game, that has lost almost 50% of its television viewership, mind you.

And this will be their end.  No one watches sports to see politics.  Unless of course your Jessie Owens owning some Nazi idiots.  

Everyone who is going this direction appears to be losing market share.

Poor behavior is universal.  So should the punishment.

Screw the NBA.   I'll watch something else.

Besides.  I was never into basketball.  It's kind of strange to me to see that many tall people anything at once.

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2 hours ago, Historian said:

Seems the NBA has suspended games for the moment.

This will serve to stir up the ire of the typical NBA watcher.

"If my heroes are boycotting because wypipo an po-lease are privileged killers, I should go riot."


****'s coming.  

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5 minutes ago, Historian said:

Somethings i don't talk about.

LOL! gross.

This boycott will just stir up the target demographic. And John Q Iowa will get blamed for it by the easily led. These dancing bears are practically inciting a riot with their social justice BS on their jerseys and boycotting games.

F em all.

I'd rather be considered "Doom and gloom tadbart" and be wrong, than get caught unaware or unsuspecting.

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