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Career Criminal Cullotta Kaput


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Cullotta was a lifelong thief and murderer who spent the final decades of his life wowing his criminal worshiping fans with Las Vegas tours and Youtube talks about how great it was to be a scumbag in Las Vegas in the 1970s and 80s. Just like with Henry Hill there will be those among the non criminal class who will look down on him as a snitch. Because snitching on scumbags like Paul Vario or Tony Spilotro is so much worse than being a lifelong thief and murderer. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 


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1 hour ago, 26isbest said:

Not hanging around there sounds like a good idea.

I went to college in Chicago and a friend of my father took me under his wing and let me work in his gear factory to make $ for school. I spent the summers at his house and would drive him to and from work. He was basically almost an alcoholic and would have a few drinks in the office before we came home.

One summer weekend he asked if I wanted to go to a picnic and I said yes. So he, his wife, his daughter and I drove to some Chicago suburb and turned down a two lane driveway with a sign that said " Santa Fe Sportsman's Club ". Hadley said, " They used to be called the Santa Fe Rod and Gun Club until the FBI took their guns away.  The FBI probably has your picture by now."

:Alex:       At this point in school I was in AFROTC trying to get a commission.


We drove down the road to a big open area full of people with a few buildings and a big house on top of a hill. Had a good time, some good food and met a lot of people whose last names seemed to start with vowels.

As we left Hadley pointed up to the house and said " Sam Giancana lives up there ".


It was a picnic for the Chicago Mob.


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Another interesting story.

Hadley bought a Greyhound bus the next year with the intent of having it converted into an RV. He parked it in a big industrial garage and had some of his plant people working on it. That summer I was helping out on it as a go-fer and a second pair of hands for whoever needed help.

One Saturday while we were working on the bus, at the other end of the garage the doors opened and an 18 wheeler backed in and dropped the trailer, the tractor left and the doors came down again. An hour later a group of guys showed up and started taking everything apart. The tires came off first and left, then the aluminum body was taken apart, cut up in smaller pieces with torches, thrown into a roll-off box which left when it was full. Finally the steel frame was cut up and carted off.

The last thing I saw was a guy cutting the license plate into 8 pieces and throwing the pieces in the trash. When they finished, it was like the trailer had never been there.





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Endemic corruption is just another good deal the mob gave to areas that it had. Out West here it never was the LCN, it was the Hells Angels locally and Mongols and Vagos down South. On certain big construction jobs you could see stickers on lunch boxes saying either Support The Red And White or  81 Support Crew. It doesn't seem to enter their empty heads that anyone not a member is not a member and will be ripped off, beaten or abused, or killed if they hang around them long enough. Personally I don't approve of dealing meth or the murder of Margo Compton's two little girls or Dallas Grondalski so I never even considered having a sticker like that on my lunch box. 

While most Mafia crimes were local, helping elect gun banning Dems like Biaggi and Ferraro  screwed the whole nation.  

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