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Democrats Showcase Illegal Immigrant: ‘I Need Health Insurance. I Deserve it, Right?’


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Saw that... and it begs the obvious question: what exactly do the Democrats consider immigration reform? I can sum it up in two words: Open Borders.

Anybody who shows up, for any reason, is accepted. No one is denied.

And at some point, half of the population of Central America is crossing the Rio Grande. 

There is a great American tradition I practice and insist that others practice: waiting my turn in line. No line cutting. Citizenship for new arrivals should start with getting in line, going through proper vetting, and not expecting an exception. Worked at Ellis Island. Worked for the Vietnamese boat people. It works for Latinos and Latinas who follow the process legally.

What's wrong with that?

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5 hours ago, pipedreams said:

"The Democrats’ used their convention on August 19 to prod Americans to welcome

ill migrants who enter the United States in search of American health care."



If I have to pay for mine though my efforts and pay taxes to support my country, they can get nothing for criminally entering our country and deserve only jail time for trying to perpetuate a fraud on my government.

Not a citizen, you deserve nothing!  I have to work for mine - be a citizen and work for yours. 


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