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"Tom Clancy's The Division" game on Xbox - prophetic?

SC Tiger

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I bought a copy of "Tom Clancy's The Division" for the Xbox.  It was $3 at game stop.  
First - I doubt Tom Clancy had anything to do with it.  
Second and more importantly - I swear this game starts up looking like a synopsis of 2020.  Plague gets out of control in NYC, everyone has to wear masks, etc.  Market crashes, all kinds of stuff.  There was more stuff that made me wonder exactly what the people who wrote this game knew.
I'm probably overstating it but it was kinda strange in a way.
(For the record, I'm not trying to say there is some sort of prophecy or conspiracy here.  Just an odd coincidence but it is funny)
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Honestly I might be more concerned if Clancy had actually been involved in the game.  That dude just had ways of knowing....stuff.  He did a book about US Submarines that was so damn accurate that the Navy and CIA were supposedly like "what the hell?  HOW DOES HE KNOW THAT?"

Biggest issue with it is I can dump a mag of 5.56 into a BG and he doesn't die.  20 rounds of 5.56 is gonna kill just about anything on 2 legs.

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Clancy's "Debt of Honor" ended with a JAL pilot crashing his plane into the Capital building. Then 9/11 happened. He was weirded out by that, acted a bit goofy and overly self-defensive in an interview shortly after 9/11.

Anyways, I think November and December are going to be interesting months. Might be some big stuff happening that changes this country in a serious and violent manner.



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