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Raining in Paradise


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We got a real frog-strangler yesterday afternoon with thunderboomers. Several trees down just up the road from me. I had a couple of good size limbs fall in the back yard. Haven't been in the woods yet but I suspect a few came down there. And now it just started a nice gentle rain again. We'd been in a two-week drought and my lawn was about dead. Now it looks like it may come back. I'll for sure have to mow by Saturday. :supergrin:

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When I lived in Gainesville I could set my watch by the afternoon summer thunderstorms. They have seabreezes from both coasts which upwell in the middle of the state.

It came up another cloud here just after I posted this thread. Heavy rain but no wind. Over now.

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I started the mower at 7:01 this morning. First time I've cut my own grass since June. Finished up, caught my breath, showered, went grocery shopping. Barely got all the groceries inside before the clouds broke loose. Said the heck with doing anything else, and slept for the next 8 hours.

I'm an hour south of Gainesville, and just get the east coast seabreeze. But if it's gonna rain or freeze nearby, it's doing it at my house.

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