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Marriage And Menopause

Mrs Glockrunner

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The most hurtful thing my wife said in my presence, was while she was talking to some other women in my family.

She blithely said that, "Menopause was nothing for me, I just went through it without any problems".

I was furious!

I reminded her of the torment she put me through for 2 years!  She was too hot and it was my fault.  She was unhappy, and it was my fault.  She didn't want me to touch her when she was crying, and somehow it was my fault.

So many things things in her life that made her so unhappy and remorseful, and it was my fault.

I couldn't touch her or hold her when she was feeling so bad, because she pushed me away, and said that all I ever thought about was sex.  I just wanted to hold her and try to make it better for her.

I have spent my life trying to convince my wife she is the most important thing in my life.

After all that, she says menopause was nothing.  She couldn't remember the torture I went through not being allowed to help her.

I was so hurt, because she never thought of me in that conversation, nor had any recollection of my efforts on her behalf.

Need I say, I was pissed to learn how much she didn't remember.  Those women heard how I felt about  her menopause experience and how it was all about her.  It was very quiet for some time.


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My wife went through menopause in a two or three weeks.

She had a stomach ache one day and went to the doctor a couple days later. That afternoon she was on an operating table and they had ALL of her insides outside like you were gutting a deer or a fish. What ever had cancer on it got tossed in the trash as a team of doctors handled and inspected every inch of every organ and while she was empty they washed out the cavity with chemo drugs and put her back together, minus ovaries and what not. "When in doubt, cut it out."

Most hurtful thing she ever said to me came a few months later during THE BAD PART, chemo. "It feels like I'm having a heart attack. I think I'm going to die." Part that hurt the worst was I'd wondered the same myself for a while and kept it to myself.

That was about ten years ago during my bad times when it seemed every deer season for about 5 years in a row some part of my family went in the hospital and suffered until they died in January, February, March...

A poor memory can be your best friend. Don't take it personal. BE GRATEFUL she thinks it was no big deal.

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