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It's hard not to put much past the Dims nowdays. Add in all the foreign and domestic organizations trying to kill all of us and it's easy to consider the National Enquirer and World News as credible news sources. I'm saving Godzilla a bed for next month.

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There is an organized effort to suppress conspiracy theorists in general.

They are good and bad.  On the bad side conspiracy nuts tend to see them around every corner, which leads to conspiracy exhaustion and discredits all the actual conspiracies that occur.  

On the good side, they highlight the many global and national deep state efforts that almost certainly probably potentially happen.

You gotta keep on top of this stuff or you might miss something that is not as it seems or maybe is too much like it seems.

I cannot be any more clear when clarity is the very thing I need to avoid.  If I don't post anymore here, or post too much, you will know something has maybe happened probably. 

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