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Girl’s mother shot and killed during first day of online class as teacher watches online


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11 hours ago, janice6 said:

That's the action of someone who is so disturbed that they don't even qualify as human.

Been a lot of those running amok lately.


Question is, since the courts can't be trusted to mete out justice anymore, when do the actual human beings step up as a group and fix things? Individual acts will be looked down on by the media as vigilantism or serial murder.

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it is my Firm Belief that if you Harm a Child, The Defenseless or the Elderly, you need to face a Whole Different type of Justice.


if you walk up to a 5 Year old playing on his Bike in front of his Sisters in Broad Daylight and Execute him, you need to be Dead.

Fair Trial, Single Appeal. Thin Rope, Short Drop. Done.

anyone who says there is a place in Society for that kind of Animal is Delusional and should`nt be Allowed to make Important Decisions.


it makes me Happy to know there are others that Feel the same way and i Appreciate that.

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