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macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best?


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Both have their strengths. Windows does the things MAC used to make it's fame over. MAC is compatible with most Office programs these days. Windows is more vulnerable, but when you are putting out 95% of the OS for the world that happens. MAC is becoming a victim of it's success though. When they have had nastiest, they seemed slow to react. Not so good.

MAC sells their machines. No ASUS, Acer, Dell, etc. so they can control quality of the build better. You're gonna pay for it though. Money well spent in most cases IMHO. Especially with older versions.

When I was on my last project, the I&E guys were all Apple Seeds, and they all were well versed in both platforms. They all said when Apple if working right it's better than just about anything out there, when it breaks, no one can fix it. Windows doesn't fall so hard to that fate. Windows 10 impressed the hell out of them, even with some of the early quirks and the built in annoyances from corporate.

I like Ubuntu. It isn't for the casual user. It is always needing some sort of tweak, or upgrade. It is fun to tinker with and does well for a device. It isn't in the same league as MAC or Windows. There are just some things Linux won't do, and some devices they won't play with. You get into servers, and Linux all the way..

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