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Russia Outlawed!


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This is a good retrospective video of 1984 and you would probably enjoy the whole thing, but if you want a laugh, go to 15 minutes 5 seconds. I’d never heard of this before. 


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I'm going to watch and enjoy the whole thing tonight, but I took a quick look at the opening and remembered something that I had forgotten!

My Uncle sent me to Stuttgart for a long tour in the fall of '83.  The events pertaining to the phone company happened in 1984. I came home on leave in the summer of '85, got to O'Hare and went to call kin in Michigan to arrange a pickup at final destination.


I COULD NOT FIGURE HOW TO TO MAKE A FREAKING PHONE CALL FROM THE DAMN AIRPORT PAY PHONE!  Everything was jacked up. "Choose your carrier".  WTF are you talking about?? Usedtacould just dump a bunch of quarters in and dial your number, or just dial zero and make a collect call. Oh no, THAT WAS TOO EASY.  So, short story long, I couldn't figure out how to make the call from KORD and didn't have the time to work on it before my connection left, so kin got woke up in the middle of the night to come get my ass, and I ended up spending half the night in the wonders of the Kent County (KGRR) airport waiting, without smokes as I ran out and there was nothing open that could give me change for the machine.


Good Times!


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It was about this time in late 1984 or early in 1985, I was working night shift and was teamed up with another junior officer [who was an AF veteran]. I had a portable scanner in the car that I monitored Fire, other PDs, the HP, and other frequencies of interest.

We were near Luke AFB and the night was dead quiet when the scanner went off. It was a USAF crew alert frequency broadcasting an emergency action message. On the broadcast, each of the major commands were expected to respond acknowledgement of the message. 8th AF, 15th AF, etc. Nothing was acknowledged. The communications specialist kept recalling for acknowledgement with an increasingly frantic voice and silence was the answer - my partner was going ape and with the geopolitical situation, I was beginning to wonder if the brightest light any of us would ever see for a nanosecond was inbound. The SAC controller began frantically calling for Dyess, Whiteman, March, Minot, Barksdale, and others. Sporadically, SAC began to get verbal confirmations from facilities and finally the commands answered. The SAC comm specialist's blood pressure sounded as if it dropped 200/100 points.

It must have lasted around 4 to 5 minutes, but it seemed to last a heck of a lot longer. Funny thing is that shortly thereafter, the AZANG KC-135Rs that were stationed at Sky Harbor Intl. airport as alert aircraft and launched, cranking hard north; were now asking for clearance to enter vectors to final. It never made the media whatsoever.  Why no one answered within the normal time frame, I don't know. If it was a drill, it was a damn effective one. 


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