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633 Squadron


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41 minutes ago, DrB said:

Anybody have seen this movie?  Watching it on Amazon Prime now.  Hopefully it is a decent movie.


The special effect model airplane crashes are kind of humorous in this day and age, but otherwise it's a pretty good movie.

Imagine flying down a fjord in one those things traveling at high speed.  Those guys were made of sterner stuff than me.

Doh!!  Now I have that music as an ear  worm.

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6 hours ago, Fnfalman said:

This is about the dam busters, right?

You may be thinking of "Dam Busters", which inspired the attack sequences of the original "Star Wars", IIRC.

"633 Squadron" is similar, but about bombing a V2 fuel plant under a tricky rock overhang. Pretty much everyone gets killed, but you can't kill a squadron. Stiff upper lip and all. Good movie based on real events. :599c64b15e0f8_thumbsup:

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