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U.S. Seeks to Seize Bolton’s $2M Book Advance and Profits for Violating Clearance Procedures


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"The government wrote in this week’s filing that Bolton was “repeatedly told that he could not publish the book absent written authorization, both before and after he submitted the manuscript for prepublication review,” but published his book anyway without that authorization."


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i`m not sure how i feel about this.

i still have some appreciation for Bolton. i wish he realized his place was the guy who scared everyone to the Negotiating Table sooner or was able to Understand that's just who he was.

he did the something after leaving W`s Admin and it was just as distasteful and Childish then and Discounted by Everyone around that Administration.

that being said i don't think he should suffer Financially for Working in an Administration and Probably telling Exaggerated stories again, his Public Service Life is over and he has Burned his Bridges.

he should have the Right to Tell his side of the Story, the Authorization is to not release Classified info, not any Info at all.


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