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NRA Endorsed Patriot Mobile Service


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i have never heard of them, but looking at the Causes they Support they see Good to Go in that respect.

maybe Cheap enough to try unless there are Penalties to Cancel.



Good to hear from the NRA, they Haven't Endorsed much of anything in awhile...:upeyes:

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I signed up with them this morning.

Their customer service representatives are EXCELLENT!

They currently use SPRINT, they are adding AT&T, and expect to add T-Mobile next year.

NRA members get free activation and 15% off the monthly bill.

I'll report again after I've used the service for a while. Or if I have any bad experience.

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I have one of their phones and service to go with it.

Switching over from Verizon was painless and their support staff are all top notch friendly people that speak real American.

I'll be switching over all the family phones soon.

Coverage is the same or maybe slightly better than Verizon around here, which is terrible. But since it hasn't been a step backwards I'm fine with it.

Repeater on my truck helps.


It costs me about half of what I was paying Verizon.

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