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The BLM’s Astounding Hypocrisy Exposed


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"The BLM is all the rage right now, and they’ve joined forces with some pretty obtuse groups. The BLM has aligned itself with the domestic terrorist organization ANTIFA for one, and straight down the line, they consistently show that they are anything but what they claim to be.

To be honest, the BLM has no interest in the lives of black people."


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BLM doesn't care a whip about the Deaths of Black babies in Chicago or Georgia or Baltimore or New York or Los Angeles, not a whip or they`d be there marching and taking the Bullets instead.

but they aren't, they are attacking inanimate Objects that Symbolize the History they want to Erase because it shows that Democrats and Liberals were Oppressor after all and they have to go back more then 100 years to find that fault.

they are Marxists who want to reshape us as Socialist and they don't care how many Children of any Color are Killed to get it done.

Donate to BLM and it goes to Thousand Currents a group run by a Marxist bank robbing Terrorist who was involved in the Death of two Police Officers and 1 Guard she was sentenced to 50+ years and had it Commuted by President Clinton that Money then goes to ActBlue and right into the Democratic Party.

That`s why Democrats wont say anything bad about BLM, they are a Donation Machine for the D.N.C.

AntiFa and BLM are the same People, Wealthy Suburban White College kids being used for an agenda and too Stupid and Guilt Ridden to see it.

then they will be tossed to the side and forgotten while John Kerry and A.O.C. get Richer off them.

Mekhi James was 3 Years old and Murdered Driving with his Dad in Broad daylight, Davell Gardner Jr. was 1 and killed in a NYC Cookout for Anti Violence members of BLM were there, they Provided no witness, they never spoke their names.




On 7/16/2020 at 8:21 AM, Historian said:

Part of the great cultural revolution.  Out with our history, out with our past, in with a Brave New World.


"Our Civilization has Chosen Machinery and Medicine and Happiness" Great Book...

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