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Ranch Burger

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2 hours ago, Borg warner said:

Thousand Island For The Win. "Ranch" is a flavor invented by chemists not to offend anyone. It's basically tasteless.


Micky D’s “special sauce”. I have know people to mix the dry ranch dressing into the meat, then cook it.

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43 minutes ago, SarahMcGlocklan said:

Never lived in Texas and had homemade ranch I see.  

I was in Texas a few times with the Air Force in Wichita Falls, San Antonio, and Austin but that was in the early 70's and I don't know if Texas style Ranch dressing had been invented yet. I'm sure it's a lot different from the commercial stuff.

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3 hours ago, Green Dragoon said:

My youngest daughter (age 17) puts Ranch on EVERYTHING including hamburgers.  I kid you not:  Hamburgers and fries (she doesn't like ketchup).....she puts it on PIZZA for crying out loud.  Salad of course.  

One local pizza joint includes a cup of Ranch dressing with their pizzas. I like it very much. tom. :eat:

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