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local punks pound a kid and post on social media

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Gotta be dumber than a box of rocks. 5 of them beat him down at a bonfire they invited him to with the sole purpose of pounding him. Idiots record it and post it on the internet. KPD is investigating. Pretty sure there will be some arrests soon. Reminds me of the David Grunwald case up in the Valley a couple years ago where they didn't stop with the beating, but shot him dead afterwards. These young punk thugs will most likely have long criminal records if they survive long enough. 

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There were 5 of them beating him while he was on the ground curled in the fetal position. He covered himself pretty well. Thugs gotta thug. One of them kept using the N word, as in 'get em N****r.' There were no persons of color that I could see in the videos. Wanna be thug who recently was staying in Anchorage with his younger brother training him how to be a gang banger.

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