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Spec 4 Vanessa Guillen


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I don't even know how to start this topic but here goes  anyway. Of course these crimes do happen in the military but to have her missing 6 weeks before CID acknowledged foul play as likely seems like the chain of command from Division level all the way up to the CO screwed the pooch pretty (*#@ing severely. Her family is right to be so pissed off. If the local CID lacked the manpower to go at it hammer and tongs they should have requested more people. This case does not appear from the outside to have been plotted by a criminal mastermind.


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4 hours ago, PPQer said:

Her mother found a bank of microphones and said if she was found dead, Fort Hood should be closed down. 

And that is crappy idea. Yes the media loves to attack the military.

It isn't as if the Army's investigators needed to interview everyone at Ft Hood to narrow the focus of the investigation. 

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