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I'm MOVIN to Clay County Florida!!!


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2 hours ago, Swampfox762 said:

There has to be a point where legal citizens don't have to be subjected to illegal force and violence simply because a group believes that their "rights" are superior to other people's "rights".

All citizens deserve equal protection under the law, not just those who believe that they have a prior claim on superiority be virtue of their perceived "hurt feeling".  This is not a country that developed with the idea that all must work to give to those who won't.

That's when legal citizen's refuse to put up with lawless behavior by anyone!

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The very idea that hundreds of years ago Blacks were slaves and therefore, now they are entitled to special considerations, completely ignores that many early White American colonists were indentured servants and not free to live their lives either. 

Every American has a past relating suffering, and no one of us, Black or White is better, or deserves more than any other. 

What you get is this country is absolutely the result of your efforts to succeed, through personal diligence and sweat equity, and not a payment for the past,  We all had our cross to bear!


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