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Minneapolis street shootout


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4 hours ago, PPQer said:

Whuddathunk it.  I suspect the next time the other folks will be shooting back.


You just gotta love it:


Actually, Mpls and St Paul haven't changed much over the years, now the shooting just get more media attention.

Like many other Democrat run cities, this is the result of 40 years of Democrat rule.  When the attention comes to town, suddenly the 40 years of Democrats say it's the police.  The police departments run by Democrat mayors....................  It' always someone else's fault.  If it has to be a Democrat why isn't it Truman!

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8 hours ago, Gunboat1 said:

Carry a serious gun and spare magazines,  always.  Be prepared to defend yourself and loved ones, always.  Do not hesitate to burn savages like this to the ground.

And train...train...train.

I'm at the range at least twice a month. 

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My very liberal SIL claims he is serious about getting a shotgun for self protection in Minneapolis.  He also believes he is so intelligent that if the SHTF, he will remember all about how to use it.  He doesn't want to spend time at the range to gain familiarity with it.

He reminds me  of the video of the jewelry shop owner trying to shoot back at robbers, while he short strokes the semi-auto, and can't get a shell in the chamber to fire back.  Of course he is killed in the process...........

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