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When the Bidexit? By Victor Davis Hanson:


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When the Bidexit?

By Victor Davis Hanson:  June 30, 2020 11:54 AM


We have reached a strange impasse in the campaign in which weakness is seen as strength. The fact that Biden is cognitively impaired and hiding in his basement in virtual incommunicado is now seen as a valuable strategy, given that Trump is dealing with the virus, lockdowns, the economy, and a pandemic of lawlessness and chaos — and  down in the polls.

So Biden shows no sign of moving out, and we should expect that as long as he thinks — correctly for now — that it’s a winning strategy, he will offer no detailed agenda other than as the virtual non-Trump. His surrogates will begin a campaign to end the idea of debates. Mail-in balloting will become a test of whether or not one is a racist. A virtual Zoom candidacy is not an impossibility.

Biden seems to concede that to venture out is synonymous with illustrations of his own cognitive impairment. What might prompt his return to the aether?

One, if Trump’s aggregate polls inched back up from 42 or so to where they are usually after recovering from serial melodramas (Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID, lockdown, etc.) at around 45­47 approval, then at that point, Biden would move.

But to recover as he has in the past, Trump will have to end the current cultural revolution, by its traditional antidotes despite blue-state opposition and with no support from the Pentagon if the violence escalates: 1) Emasculate its Jacobin apparat by hundreds of indictments, reassert federal control of national parks and monuments, threaten states that deliberately do not enforce federal laws with a cut-off of federal funds, and file writs to protect the civil rights of those businesses and individuals threatened;

and 2) show the public that there will be a successful and concerted counterrevolution to name changing, statue toppling, canceling, doxxing, and police defunding, in other words reassure the people that the revolutionaries are going to lose and those engaged in criminal activities will rue it. The best way to convey all this is a sort of national-security task force analogous to the COVID-19 briefings, in which the president, Attorney General Barr, Homeland Security head Wolf, and National-Security Adviser O’Brien daily and briefly review federal indictments, efforts, and challenges; entertain brief questions; and inform the public of strategies and policies to come.

Trump also could issue a comprehensive second-term agenda that forces Biden to offer a counter-proposal: 300 more constructionist justices, 500 more miles of a border-security wall to enhance the 400-plus miles scheduled for completion at year’s end, a comprehensive plan to incentivize the return of critical U.S. medical supplies and drug manufacturing from China, in conjunction with a second-phase of re-industrialization, a comprehensive plan to address higher education (the font of the cultural revolution), whether having colleges assume the moral hazard of guaranteeing their own student loans, taxing endowments of, say, over $1 billion, and having a national exit test to certify basic competency upon graduation.

Meanwhile, as the viral death toll and fatality rate of the infected wane, the lockdown leaks, the recovery continues, a Durham reckoning follows, and the cultural revolution is extinguished, Biden most certainly will venture out — and that Bidexit will be one of the most interesting developments in recent election history.


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the President is smart to avoid giving his Re-Election Campaign plan away Early.

he did that last time and he did suffer some (not a lot) but some near the end.

giving the Dems. nothing to work with is a good plan, because the Dems. really have nothing to work with in this Election, they have no Platform that is cohesive to bring anyone to the Party, they seem to be barely able to keep the Mainstays with them now.

a lot of what we see happening in the Streets right now is the Disillusionment of young Marxist Voters (who were taking the place of realistic Dem. Voters) who know Biden is not their Pick, Bernie`s Political Career is over.

that is a huge backlash and Bidexit to the Democratic Party.

what we haven't seen yet is this Ad: Joe Biden has been in Politics since 1972, he failed to change ______________________ in 48 Years, why four more?

if you really want change, isn't President Trump the Outsider?

when your Candidate`s Silence polls better then him Talking you have a Popularity problem.

as far as Polls are concerned Trump Voters won`t talk to MSM, who has a Landline anymore and few people answer unknown numbers.

the Polls are asking only Registered Voters, Assuming that the Country is still 53% Democrat leaning and asking very few Independent Voters.

they are starting Polls off with Negatives, and initiating the Polls during the most Controversial moments they can.

these polls are only there to push online Viewership and Ad sales.

i`d say Bidexit began as soon as Bernie Dropped out.


for a paycheck.

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