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Riots push governors to new levels of 'cowardice, incompetence'


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Charlie Daniels warns time swiftly coming when you must 'pick a side'

"Many of those who should be protecting America are failing, he charged.

"I don’t remember a time in my 83 years when the cowardice, incompetence, indifference and downright impotence of governors, mayors and others responsible for the protection of citizens and their property have been more evident, disappointing and disgusting."

The nation is not having a "block party" or a "summer of love," he said, as politicians have claimed."


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On 7/14/2020 at 8:30 AM, Slotback said:

Mr. Trump's refusal to give any federal aid to Minnesota confirms that the leadership there was feckless.

They can (radio edit).

You get what you deserve Minnesota.

Hell you were doing better with a senator who wore adult diapers in an SNL skit.

You sure have fallen hard from there.

At least he was worthy adversary.

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problem lies in the fact that the Monster the Democrats have Created is now eating them as well.


Portland's Moron Mayor tried to Virtue Signal that he was with the Mob and it Turned on him as soon as he appeared, his Tax Payer Law Enforcement Security Detail was there to Protect him, Ironically,

but he put on his Latex Gloves and Safety Glasses and he got got his Photo Op getting Sprayed in the Face for nothing, they Hate him as well.

he is facing a Mayoral opponent who`s Slogan is 'I am AntiFa'

Tim Walz is a better choice for Gov then Mark Dayton was, but there's credible claims Dayton was actually incapacitated for most of his Administration.

they cant stand up to the Mob. the Mob will Devour them.

Pelosi sees that more everyday with AOC+3


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