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Things they don't teach in Schools anymore


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7 minutes ago, RenoF250 said:


I don't think I ever watched that because I can't stand cage.  He is a terrible actor.  The movie survives his lack of ability?

Yep. Heck, the nurse alone redeems it.

Seriously, the acting is kinda just OK, but overall it's a great feel-good ride.

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28 minutes ago, Cheygriz said:

An excellent movie whether you like Cage of not.

Got a couple of history books written by these guys.  Amazing men.

They used to be regulars at the Dayton, Ohio ham radio convention.   That was your chance to meet or log a Code Talker.

Amazing men.  Everyone should know their story. 

Here's another interesting thing:  My mother's village in France was liberated by....Japanese American troops. 

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On 7/4/2020 at 8:01 PM, gwalchmai said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but IIRC the Navajo CodeTalkers didn't just speak Navajo, but they also mixed in slang and made up words, which probably gave the Germans fits.

They are more famous for their work with the Japanese. 

There were several native tribes nvolved.  The thing is those ancient languages didn't have words for common military words. 

So they would make up something.  Big bird brings egg.

And that would be air support was about to drop a bomb on target.

There was just no way to figure out how to break that code.  They came from a very small population of people and their language was not anything like what the Japanese had heard.


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