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Three NYPD officers hospitalized after ingesting 'toxic substance' in their fast food meal, possibly bleach


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"The PBA said the officers were eating at a Shake Shack restaurant in Manhattan when they discovered that someone had added a toxic substance to their milkshakes, possibly bleach. They had been assigned to a protest detail in the area.

"The contamination was not discovered until the [police officers] had already ingested a portion of their beverages," the statement read.

Another report in Law Enforcement Today said the officers were experiencing stomach problems when they noticed the contamination.

The officers sought treatment at a hospital. The PBA said they are expected to recover."


https://www.theblaze.com/news/cops-ingest-bleach-shake-shack?utm_source=theblaze-dailyAM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily-Newsletter__AM 2020-06-16&utm_term=TheBlaze Daily AM - last 270 days


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11 hours ago, Batesmotel said:

All first responders need a “do not respond” list. Shake Shack can start. 

Fast food seems to attract BLM and Antifa types.  Minimum wage earners seem very aggrieved with an expectation of not having to work to earn anything.

 I don't think they need a list, they just need to wake up.

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