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2 missing George Floyd protesters found murdered in Florida; suspect arrested


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The key is to just sit back and watch them destroy each other. Leave them to their own devices, let them act out as much as they want to, and let everyone see the results. People will become more conservative in their view points after all of this Antifa/BLM crap is over, so just let them do as much bad stuff as they want.

I was thinking about social/behavioral cycles, and imagine this time is like the 1960s & early 70s with all the same riots and crap, which saw the country go decidedly conservative in the later 1970s & 80s. 

This stuff is cyclical. The worm will turn.

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Tallahassee police found the bodies of Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, and Victoria Sims, 75, on Saturday in the vicinity of the home of Aaron Glee, according to reports.

Glee was taken into custody in connection with their deaths,

Glee had previously been arrested on May 29 after a Tallahassee officer saw him kicking a woman in the stomach, the Democrat reported, citing police reports.

The victim in that case was neither Sims nor Salau, according to the paper.


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I wonder if the young idiot felt these were "just conditions".


Florida man confessed to grisly murders of 2 missing George Floyd protesters found dead, court docs show

A Tallahassee man openly confessed to the murders of two women, providing grisly detail about what he did, according to newly released court documents.

The documents, obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat, revealed that suspect Aaron Glee Jr. waived his right to remain silent while in police custody and reportedly gave a full account of how he kidnapped and killed both Oluwatoyin Salau, a 19-year-old student and protester, and Victoria Sims, a 75-year-old volunteer and retired state worker.

"While at the hospital, Glee had made voluntary admissions to officers guarding him that he had murdered two women in Tallahassee," the report said. "He would also place a telephone call to his mother and make these same admissions."

Glee has been charged with two counts of kidnapping and murder and one count of sexual assault, police said.

The two women met after recent Black Lives Matter protests seeking justice after the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn. Salau had even spoken at the rallies, reports said.

Salau went missing on June 6, followed by Sims on June 11. Police found Salau’s body behind Glee’s home, covered with leaves, and found Sims under a bloody sheet in a bedroom, reports said.

Police intercepted Glee on an Orlando Greyhound bus bound for West Palm Beach, where he has family. Glee complained of breathing problems and was taken to a local hospital, where he openly talked about the two murders, according to the arrest report.

 In court, Glee detailed how he met Salau at a bus stop and offered to take her to his house to bathe and sleep. He called Sims, who had on occasion prepared food and brought it to him; she also provided him transportation when he asked for it, as he did not have a car of his own, the report said.

After Salau had showered, Glee attempted to initiate sexual activity, but she resisted, court documents said. Glee claimed he then overpowered her.

“He was asked if he would characterize his actions as rape," investigators wrote. "Glee responded in the affirmative."

Glee then kept Salau a prisoner for three to five days in his home, allegedly raping her and eventually killing her to avoid getting caught, court documents said, noting that he was purportedly heavily intoxicated at the time.

"Glee stated that he was aware he would be arrested and likely sentenced to prison if he allowed Salau to leave the residence," court documents read. "Glee indicated he determined that his only course of action was to end her life."

Glee had previously been arrested on May 29 after a Tallahassee officer saw him kicking a woman in the stomach, the Democrat reported, citing police reports.

During his brief hearing in court on Saturday, Glee appeared via video conference and did not speak.

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