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Mayor Lightfoot slams "lounging" cops.


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There you go mayor, distract attention from your failures.  All the officers would be doing is getting beat on, and be held back by her orders.


Chicago mayor slams lounging cops: Disgraceful and disrespectful

During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized the Chicago police officers seen on video tape lounging and sleeping in the congressional campaign office of US Rep. Bobby Rush on June 1 as protests and demonstrations occurred throughout the city. The city of Chicago is working to identify the officers and CNN has reached out to the police union for comment.

Video at link.


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how dare those Officers take it upon themselves to sit and protect the Office of a United States Representative, i`m Sure that no one in any form of Government Ordered them to Protect that Office.

I am Sickened!


no, Really i`m 100% Sure someone with more Political Game then the Mayor has Ordered that, Maybe i`d Hazard a guess just Maybe the U.S. Rep. whose Office that is should be asked.

this Mayor is Brain Dead.

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