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President Reagan


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I so miss this kind of quality man as our president. 

A book was written about one of his speeches.  An entire book.

About his speech at Point Du Hoc, Normandy, in 1980.

I'd have given my left nut to stand there with those Rangers. 


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From another thread... Thanks Dric902...

Ronald Reagan enlisted in the US Army Reserves in 1937.  He quickly advanced from private to second lieutenant and was assigned to a cavalry unit in Des Moines, Iowa. It was during this time that he moved to Los Angeles to begin his film career where he transferred to yet another cavalry unit as a young officer.  

Soon after the United States declared war on the Axis powers, Lieutenant Reagan was ordered to active duty in early 1942. Eager to continue as a cavalry officer, the young officer discovered that due to eyesight difficulties, he was classified for limited service only.  This would exclude him from serving overseas

Undaunted, Ronald Reagan insisted on finding a way to serve his country as an Army officer. After a brief assignment in San Francisco at Fort Mason, California with a cavalry unit, he received a request from the Army Air Forces (AAF) in search for skilled public relations officers.

It was here that Lieutenant Reagan found his calling as a gifted spokesperson and motivational leader for the war effort.   Soon Reagan’s commanders noted his acting abilities and reviewed his earliest motion picture work which included a dozen films from 1937 – 1942.  This included “Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter” (1942) portraying Lt. Sanders and Reagan’s narration for both “Beyond the Line of Duty” and “Cadet Classification” (1942-43).  His Academy-Award nomination for his role as Lieutenant Ames in the 1943 film “Rear Gunner” most likely sold every one of his immense talent.  Impressed, he was assigned to AAF Public Relations and subsequently to the 1stMotion Picture Unit in Culver City, California.


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I'll never forgive him for the following actions and inactions. All in no particular order:

Signing the 1986 Firearms "Owner Protection" Act - it banned new production of Title II firearms [machine guns] and the importation of many legitimate foreign made rifles and shotguns.

Picking George H.W. Bush as a Vice President. 

Going to Reykavik, Iceland in the 1986 meeting with Gorbachev and not eliminating strategic nuclear weapons. We are facing another arms race with Putin and we lack the economic power, the intellectual base, and the manufacturing capacity to build new nuclear weapons to replace the existing models that are becoming obsolete and increasingly unstable.

P.S. Nancy Reagan was a bit of a loon.

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The Democrooks reneged on their part of the gun bill

George HW Bush was probably the most qualified American President. War hero, head of the CIA. He was the man who briefed presidents on covert, overt and black operations.

Gorby tried to give up Nuclear weapons as a draw to get us to stop the SDI. The Soviets were going broke trying to keep up.

that was the idea, to bankrupt the USSR. If Reagan had agreed to give up an entire class of nukes the Soviets just would have cheated.

thats how he ended the USSR, they had been controlling their currency for decades and couldn’t finance their R&D to counter the promise of SDI (which was mostly a bluff)

why fold when you’ve won



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