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You were wondering what the next disaster would be?


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35 minutes ago, Dric902 said:

He couldn’t pay his lawsuit settlement, tried to hide behind “I don’t own anything...look”

I lost 10 IQ points watching that series.

abd I can’t afford any more



If I wanted to see messed up people I would just go do my job.  At least at my job I might be able to help them.

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Have not seen any, will not watch. I know the names just because of the onslaught on social media.



People are tripping balls because there was a cluster of small earthquakes in the Yellowstone region. Thing is, there are ALWAYS earthquakes there. Just with all the sensationalism and fearmongering, this time, it's different.

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ive heard the phrase tiger king once and saw a pic of the dude ,  that was enough  . i dont want to lose any more iq points   i need what i got . 


my wife watches no tv except  walking dead and that because i wanted her too now she enjoys it .  she has never seen  ET  or jaws   or any big movie or tv show

we do take Piper to see kid movies  now and again .   im also noticed ive cut my tv out over half   this year.  i do not have patience .  and this house 

is a no news channel house . i get the local weather  because we farm . but  the rest of can go away,  Piper and me  doing things  and cutting out news has lowered my bp lol .   

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I've never seen the show - I took one look at the pics of the "stars" and felt the same as the rest of you who decided we couldn't afford the IQ points... and I don't have cable or whatever it would take to watch it anyway, unless it shows up on a day when Amazon Prime is actually working for me?  My kids have heard enough about it from friends, though, that the youngest one thinks the tigers shouldn't be fed for a couple days and then be released at the next riot/looting spree.  I said that would just leave a bad taste in the tigers' mouths...


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