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See how fast somebody could lunge with a knife


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Practice Drawing and Firing Accurately under extreme duress, but expect to be cut either way.

in all the Martial Arts i ever sat in or Practiced we`de do disarming Exercises and 99% of the time it was a hit with the blade.


a wise man once told me "Learn to run, backwards"

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7 hours ago, Historian said:

People who know how to use a knife are scary.

I hate knives.  In competition I can draw fire and hit a torso sized target at 8 yards in just under a second starting hands not touching gun.  In that situation I think I could shave a quarter second off that, but would probably still get cut.

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55 minutes ago, Dric902 said:

I like knives

one of the first tools man made

I have a few, ok more than that

I make knifes for a hobby (no, I don’t have a forge)



I've got a few too, but...maybe it's being cut I don't like.

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