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Destroyer Nose Dive


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2 hours ago, Gunboat1 said:

Pass in review.  She's riding beautifully. 

Amen, sir...amen.

There are many navies...but none....like the US Navy.

I have no idea why a young person would not think...4 years...and college...or college and 4 years...but i want to go to sea.

.....its ok Boreiste....they got the watch.

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6 hours ago, Eric said:


That's not so unusual since the sea experiences bad weather often.

My little minesweeper was 180 feet long and during some storms we encountered off the Florida coast we took green water over our flying bridge and into the radar antenna.  That's about 40 feet up...……..

Many times we got waves so large that we had to climb up them, and the fall over the other side as we crested the wave.  It's exhilarating but you need the hatches closed!

We used to try to run up to the bow as the ship was rising on the wave.  The vertical acceleration was amazing. 

Then we would run back to midships as the ship was falling down the backside of the wave.  The positive G's could drive you right down to your knees on the deck before you got too far.

The worst weather we got into was a massive storm in the North Atlantic, coming back from Europe.  The waves and wind were so strong they severely damaged some Destroyers a day ahead of us, and one of their crew got killed when the superstructure took a large wave broadside.

The waves were so big, and the period was so great, that we fit right down in the trough with a huge wave in front of us and a huge one astern.  We matched the speed of the waves and so we sat perfectly still while going about 10 Knots with the seas.

We finally got ordered back to Gibraltar due to the severity of the storm.

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