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These Are Some Tasty Potato Chips.


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13 hours ago, PPQer said:

I've been working on a bag of these today. 




Talk about a trip to endorphin city.



I'm going to have to look for those.  Thanks


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4 hours ago, Historian said:

I've had those.  Those things will put hair on your chest.  Whew!

I'd been jonesing for some spice.  A year or two ago spicy started causing me to have GERD really bad, so I had to lay off.  I learned how to stop the reflux and wanted to reacquaint with heat.  Those chips hit the spot.  They were hard at first, but I got acclimated.  I have 5 more bags of gluten free coming tomorrow. 

I took a bag to work, and cannot walk by them at home without grabbing a few and munching.  It gives a funny burning sensation to the edges of my gums, but I think that gets an endorphin rush.  

Aside from hot, they are actually very tasty.  You get the flavor first, then the heat in a seemingly delayed reaction.  I have some sauces that are so hot you can't enjoy the flavor, but with these chips, you can.

I got a monkey on my back......



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