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Schools do teach them all about, hate, arbitrary gender versions, political correctness, liberalism, White racism, Black behavioral excuses, the end justifies the means, all conservatives and patriotism is intolerable, among other things. 

But the schools say that reading time on an analog clock is too hard,  teaching geography is too much trouble since nations change their names and borders, math is too hard and most don't need it, Cursive writing skills are not necessary because everyone has a laptop/tablet/cellphone to spell for them. 

Field trips are too much trouble for educators, all students in academia are under strict control of the school administration 24 hours a day and parents have no say in their instruction or social teachings. 

Bullies are protected since reporting them reflects badly on the school administration, victims of bullies are punished since they reflect badly on the school administration, all teachers are overworked and must be idolized while constantly asking for more pay and less curriculum. 

School salaries are calculated over a whole year but their employment is over 9 months.  There are many more and schools will tell you what you must know, not what you need to know.

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