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Jeff Goldblum is a badass!


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That was pretty entertaining.  Shirtless guy was quite a POS.  The twitter comments say he came back with a 2x4 and broke goldblums arm.



I scrolled down and see the stick fight video, shirtless still lost but got two good hits in.  Jeff should have gotten some time to work his dumb ass over with the stick, shirtless had it coming.

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Goldblum is a spider monkey looking ************. He looks like he could out reach Wilt Chamberlin. I knew about Stephen Baldwin of the Baldwin brothers is a real badass as well, as is Anthony Quinn’s son. Now we can add Mr. Goldblum to the list.

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On 5/14/2020 at 10:11 PM, holyjohnson said:


Jeff needs to learn to Lead with his Left, but his Back Kick was epic!

What was epic, is in the 2nd Round, when shirtless dude came back with the 2x4. As he swung, Goldblum moved forward inside his swing, and stopped it cold. Text book. Perfectly text book.

Then he took the 2x4 away, and turned it on him.

But......since it's Virginia, both those dudes are looking at jail time.

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