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Vote By Mail...

deputy tom

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2 minutes ago, DWARREN123 said:

Not good if it can be avoided!

I do not trust the folks who say it is okay plus you do not need voter I.D.

Not sure what the state laws are there but when they mail out ballots like this...they have to have a known good address for the person, the person has to provided identification as part of the ballot (voter ID number), and the signature must match what is in the state database.   Possibly another form of ID such as a DL number

I once scribbled my signature on one of the machines and...they rejected me.  Asked me to try again.  That time i nailed it.

Some of our senior cilerks really look seriously at those signatures.

But i agree.  Totally. 

As Walt said.  Please, if i die, don't let me vote Democrat.

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On 3/21/2020 at 5:44 PM, PPQer said:

The primary is no big deal.  It's pretty obvious Biden is the nominee.

in this case the Primary is fine.


in the General i think There are Election Laws that stipulate reasons for Absentee voting.


*Sorry i didn't mean to aim that at you, clicked reply by accident.

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