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Yeah, so looks like someone decided to send me a memo and get me included here (Thanks Brad)


Well, I'm the same old me that I've been ever since I first got online like 20 years ago, so hopefully I don't confuse anyone :)


That being said,


Greetings and salutations to all you fine and wonderful people.

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Just saw I'd been a GT member since 2003, started back then because it was a good site for info on shooting stuff. I liked how it ran and the people, so I stayed.


Haven't totally liked some changes over the past few years there, probably won't leave it but glad to see a new venture here.

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Hello from Arkansas.


Where in Arkansas?


I lived in West Little Rock a number of moons ago. Really enjoyed the area.

Now, I'm confused.

Is there a Big Rock?

Just a Rock?

There must be more than one Rock, else there is no need for a comparative such as Little, yet we never hear of the other Rocks.

Damn you, SuperAmerica.

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Hi Guys! Same old me. I'd just like to thank G30 for inviting me. Still feeling my way around, but it's good to see many of my old friends here! Thanks Eric!


Be real careful where you feel, ma'am.

F-250 of G30SF has been known to throw himself into the path of a feel.



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