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Place to talk adult beverage's and have fun.
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  2. I’ve long been a fan of Boddington’s Pub Ale (Manchester UK). While it’s always been one that I’ve had to actively search out, for the last year it’s seemingly unobtanium here in Virginia. Anyone else here a fan?
  3. I have tried 3 versions of Glenmorangie and found all of them lovely.
  4. My delicate wife's favorite! Neat.
  5. I have thought long and hard about this eventuality. I also would have a very hard, long and memorable bender. I truly believe that it would be followed by some very careless gun cleaning................
  6. If my wife goes first I’m giving myself one good bender.
  7. This was my first as well. Upon opening it, I was not a fan. Maybe it was the day, maybe it needed air. I don't know. But by the time I finished the bottle, I loved it.
  8. That is a beast of a beer! I love stouts. Old Rasputin and i are good friends. Bells never made a bad beer. And i just quoted myself! Ha!
  9. The great hangover of 1994 was sponsored by Killian's Irish Red and Wild Turkey. I thought the devil. himself, was driving a freight train through my skull with a sledgehammer. I made a deal with God. Let me live and i shall never drink Killian's again. I have been true to that.
  10. Old fashioned, extra cherry and twist, please. Manhattan. Hendricks and Tonic. ¡Salud, Caballeros!
  11. Extremely dry vodka martini with extra olives. Shaken not stirred.
  12. My favorite of the cheap bourbons is Ancient Age. It's the same bourbon as Blanton's but just aged 3 years. Same factory, same barrels, same mash bill. Generally I like high proof and rye versions
  13. My personal go to for a moderately priced bourbon is Four Roses Single Barrel. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  14. Such is the case. Just had a conversation a guy who loves his bourbon and he said the same thing. Certain selections of EW are well worth the price. I had a glass of Belle Meade tonight. I really like this whiskey.
  15. EW is one of a few that punches well above its price point.
  16. If my wife did that i would be annoying as hell.
  17. My wife has a couple of those above the oven for the special days that I am particularly annoying.
  18. My first bottle of Scotch was Highland Park 12. I found it to be a good starting point and still keep a bottle on hand. I prefer more smokiness though so Lagavulin 16 is my go to.
  19. I'm really surprised to hear that Evan Williams is so well regarded. It is very modestly priced and easy to find.
  20. Found this one last week. I am a Scotch guy who likes a hot bourbon. This is real good stuff.
  21. This is very subjective. The topic is rather large. If you like lighter whiskeys choose a highland whiskey, if you like it in the middle try a lowland. If you want everything, lots of smoke and peat, then an island whiskey. It's hard to go wrong with Johny Walker Black or double black as a first whiskey. Glenfiddich is a nice highland. Glenmorangie is nice as well.
  22. I just finished a bottle of it. It's exceptional.
  23. And another finely produced beer of the same order.

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