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Hot-rodded them up!


So...  I don't know what I was googling when I found (really.  someone really needs to keep a closer watch on me) platinum-catalyst impregnated cotton.  Remembering reading up on the handwarmers, that's kind of what they use in those.  I bought a baggie-full, (which seems to be many lifetime's supply worth) for $5.

It's a bag of fluffy gray cotton.  It's probably not dangerous.  I didn't wear latex gloves.  Didn't hurt.

The heads of the zippo warmers are little cotton-ish pads (the jon-e-warmers have a woven metal-thread head).  So, because science, I stuffed the heads full of platinum cotton.

I filled them up with fluid, and took the lighter to them.  This stuff GLOWED!  I put them in my pockets and went to work...

It seemed like they didn't work near as good as normal.  huh.

That night I pulled the cotton out.  I took the springs from some clicky ballpoint pens, and, with a toothpick, stuffed them full of the cotton.  As much as I could pack in there.

The springs fit right into the zippo head.  So, it wasn't packed tight, but it was in there.  I took the lighter to it.  GLOWAGE X3!

These things got twice as hot as normal.  Which is good.  I think. 

That might be how Chernobyl started.

Don't touch them when they are just bare metal, too hot! I found some baby socks, I put them in, in my pockets.

Platinum, burning unspent fuel, in your pockets, is probably ok.  The package didn't tell me to not do that.

A bigger spring will fit in there, as soon as I find some.  I've got enough of this stuff to go around.  Fukushima.

Somewhere, there's a baby with cold feet.


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