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New handwarmers !!

Huaco Kid




Actually, not all that woo-y. 

The are exactly like the other ones, but smaller[/b]!!!

Zippo now makes the fluid-type warmer less than half the size of the other ones.  About 1 1/2 of the regular zippo lighter sized.

They say they are good for six hours and I played with one last night,  and it did over six hours.  Easy.  If I fill it double-full, I'm sure I can get 10 or more hours out of it.

Like the others, these get HOT.  If you leave them out of the pouch, sitting on a table, they will burn you good.  In the pouch, or in your pocket, you can regulate how much air it gets, and therefore how hot it gets.

These are a great size.  I need more.



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