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Cold Weather!

Huaco Kid



I don't know why, but I'm really glad that the cold is here this year.

I like winter.  It has more pockets.

In preparation, I just ordered $200 of mil surplus stuff.  Cheap insulated bibs, I plan on wearing as a layer,  expensive insulated pants, because the Army says so, that are supposed to be outerwear, but I plan on them being a layer.   New Mickey boots.  And these metallic-looking felt boot liners.

A suck-day working, in January, at 300', is suckey, but when it's over, I get a huge delicious dinner and at the hotel, I just crank the heat up to maximum.

Last winter was, relatively, not that bad.

Except for that one week where it stayed at 0° all week.  But I got lucky because the customer wasn't quite ready for me to do all the climbing work.



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